Wednesday, June 19, 2024


From blown Oldsmobile C-Cab Fords to an LS-powered International and even a 1930s Chevy driven by a speedway-spec inline Ford six, our fifth instalment of Cruzin Hot Rod Haulers is fascinating, to say the least!

Packing eight cool commercials plus coverage of the inaugural Grand National Truck Show in California, this edition is dedicated to the working class wheels that have seen us through the times, good and bad.

Ford guys will already be in love with the ’55 Delivery up front, respectfully assembled by young gun with a big future. The Blue Oval brigade also includes an old school ’33, a home brew ’38 barrel nose, and of course that forgotten C-Cab that languished in a barn for 50 years.

Chevy guys might scratch their heads at the Ford-powered ’34, but the patina’d ’47 pickup is awesomely cool. The A-class Inter is built for the backroads, and we’ve got a 440-powered ’63 Dodge in there for the Mopar guys too. Phew!

Jacob Medina is our featured artist this month, with his vibrant tiki art. we also tune into musical couple, The Farmer & Adele, and take a look at new Aussie diecast from DDA.

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