Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Need a quick pick-me-up? Just dig pickups? Then we’ve got you covered in Cruzin #253, out third Hot Rod Haulers pickup special!

The ‘Freight Eight’ for this month spans four decades, from a home brewed ’28 Chevy with tons of tricks, to a clean green 1967 F100. Also from Chevrolet is a 1934 closed cab pickup, a 1955 stepside pickup, and if you count it, a Canadian 1966 GMC 910. For the blue oval brigade we also have a ’56 F100 and our cover, a 1950 F1. Rounding out the eight is a chubby 1948 Studebaker!

We also take a snapshot of the truckin’ action at the Bright Rod Run, and take a tour of Horsepower World in Queensland.

Grab it at your local, or buy online at and pay no postage within Australia!

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