Saturday, June 22, 2024


Going low is part of hot rodding, but some of these guys take it seriously! It was rewarding to peel back the story on Tim Hempenstall’s severely sliced Model A tudor, a car we know intimately as we’ve followed its progress at Oz Rods. It’s the end result of a cool collaboration between enthusiast and experts and proves that radical doesn’t mean unroadworthy!

We also hang with Rob Formosa and his incredible 1964 Impala Super Sport Hardtop, which exhibits all of the traits of the modern traditional lowrider. Mark Van Rensburg’s chubby 1933 Ford coupe is just one of two, the custom fibreglass body born in South Africa but ultimately finding its way onto the streets of South Australia. We also ogle Chris Horwood’s imposing ’76 F100 Supercab, and check out Keith Griffiths modern day deuce.

We go on the road with the boys to the Bennetts Customs cruise night in the west, then back to Melbourne for the annual Reliability Run where we wind back the ink. If bling is your thing, then our coverage of the Grand National Roadster Show in LA will be your Graceland!

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