Saturday, May 25, 2024


Gentleman hot rodder and car builder Troy Ladd is smiling on the front cover of this month’s Cruzin. Why shouldn’t he be? Pat Gauntt gave him free rein when it came to building this exquisite and unique 1932 Ford coupe, and he got the best that Troy had to offer.

The vintage twin-carb Caddy V8 in the deuce is nice but certainly doesn’t stack up to the 598 cubic Jon Kaase Boss engine in Steve Allen’s Mercury Cougar! The Cougar is dressed to kill as well with a bunch of neat custom touches and, of course, a driveline worthy of supporting the immense horsepower coming from up front!

While we’re in the west, we checked out Steve Houlahan’s 1938 Ford sedan, a car that keeps finding its way home to him since first rebuilding it in his younger days, then stopped over in South Australia to chat with John Barrett about his phantom 1939 Buick pickup. We also check in with Dave Gregson in Queensland and his Moper-powered T with a difference.

We also check out the Adelaide Auto Expo, the annual Camden Car Show in Sydney, and take a brief look at the Chevy Festival in Gympie.

Our Car Craft spot has expanded this issue thanks to an interview with South Aussie artist Raymond P Moondog; plus, we spotlight musicians The Hot House Combo and sample more of Nick Chiappini’s model creations.

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