Monday, May 20, 2024


Model A Madness! We’ve been a little light on Model A Fords lately so for this edition we managed to put together three of them. There’s a sweet full fendered coupe, a Studebaker-powered roadster and our cover car, Pete Gardner’s hiboy pickup, but each one of them stands alone as a very cool hot rod.

Speaking of cool, Rod Cahill’s 1934 Chevy tudor is certainly a hot rod with a difference, thanks to its Ford Y-block V8. As far as putting Ford engines in old Chevys, it’s not his first offence! Slower and lower is Daniel and Cassie Vortmans’ 1954 Chevy, an oh-so-mild custom that proves tasteful is graceful.

We managed to make it down to the Adelaide Extreme Auto Expo in January (postponed from November) and it was well worth the trip! We’ve included our coverage in this issue, along with a visit to The Depot Historic Vehicle and Memorabilia Collection in Deniliquin, NSW. We also catch up with Al at Armadale Auto Parts in the west to see what’s in the shop.

Featured artists for thos issue ar Steve Frazier from the USA, and Aussie musician, Ezra Lee.

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