Sunday, July 21, 2024


If you love steel coupes with hot rod history, then you’ll be gushing over Andrew Scrim’s 1934 Ford coupe on the cover of this edition, now stunning in black after sporting a series of styling changes and paint jobs since the late 1970s.

Stuart Lisk’s 1932 roadster is also a steel car, albeit not by Ford, but with a big block in the engine bay and lots of tricks, it’s a cool ride. We also visit Ron ‘Sugarman’ Isherwood to eyeball a pait of more contemporary-styled rides – a 1960 Corvette and a ’41 Chrysler, we look at Gus Stellino’s hopped up Anglia, and check out Rudy Cordina;s 1948 Chevy panel.

In Queensland we revisit the Ryno Insurance Downunder Beachfest on the Sunshine Coast, then head to Melbourne for a tour of Detroit Chassis and Deuce Customs, now one in the same. Norm Hardinge also gives us a brief overview of this year’s SpeedWeek thanks to some of his SCTA buddies.

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