Saturday, June 22, 2024


CAE Performance proudly offers a range of new Hi-Tech Billet alternators rated at 270 amps. CAE’s Hi-Tech alternators utilize 6-Phase Hairpin Stator technology that equates to increased efficiency at low engine revs and allows less energy wasted in heat dissipation, which expands the life of all internal components. All Hi-Tech alternators also feature soldered and epoxy-reinforced stators and rectifier connections, which reduces any possible vibration failures.

They are also fitted with a Hi Pole count rotor, meaning all rotors are built with precision balanced low mass that operate safely at shaft speeds up to 20,000 RPMs. The Hi Pole count also gives excellent output at idle and helps cut down on electromagnetic interference, which also cuts down on radio and electronic interference. They also have twin rectifiers, and feature twin internal cooling fans which also assists in cooling airflow and heat dissipation. Available in 14V, 15V and single wire regulators, applications include Chev S/B & B/Block, LS -1, 2 & 3, Holden 6 Cyl, VS & VG, Chrysler 6 Cyl & VS, Ford VS, Windsor & Cleveland and Barra 6 Cyl. Please enquire if you have any special applications which they may be able to assist.

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