Saturday, May 25, 2024


These shifter handles are awesome for upgrading late model OEM shifters when used in hot rods and custom vehicles. Available for Commodore, Mustang and 6 speed Falcon models, the billet ATTACK shifter handles are an OEM direct replacement upgrade. They retain all the factory shifter functionality whist looking and feeling like an aftermarket race shifter. The handles are easy to install only requiring you to unbolt the factory shifter handle and bolt the new one in place. Easy to follow instructions are included with each model. The pistol grip style handle is a great two-piece bolt together design that allows interchangeable billet button side plates which are handy for line locks, trans brakes, nitrous, scramble buttons or other functions and can be purchased separately.  A pull action lever mechanism replaces the factory buttons and controls the shifter lockouts. ATTACK billet handles are available in a choice of black or silver anodised finishes.

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