Sunday, June 23, 2024


Most truck guys are car guys, and many of those would recall Truckin’ Life magazine, launched in 1976 by privateer publisher, Malcom B Johnson. Sold via subscription, and in road houses and newsagents, Truckin’ Life became the bible for the industry, but after multiple changes in ownership and management, the title lost its way and folded.

Podcaster Mike Williams, together with Craig Forsyth and ‘Yogi’ Kendall of Outback Truckers, have relaunched Truckin’ Life in print with its original masthead. The format is sympathetic to early editions and boasts time honoured regular spots like Rig of the Month, Diesel Dog, Too Much Torque and those beautiful posters. But it’s more than just a blast along the nostalgia highway, with quality editorial and uninhibited current affairs returning to the forefront.

Currently published quarterley but not distributed through stores, you can order single issues and subscriptions online via

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