Thursday, November 30, 2023


Stromberg BIG97 carburetors feature 55% increased airflow to put out a whopping 250cfm. They have the same standard 97 outside shape, but use enlarged 1.175 in. venturi with a super-efficient 20 degree entry angle. The accelerator pump discharge jets are smaller, and flared exit cones build power by slowing down the mixture to reduce turbulence into the manifold plenum. The result is 250 cfm.

With the signature 97 outside shape and styling, these all new carbs feature a cast iron base and reinforced airhorn. The early plenum effect allows all cylinders to draw from both barrels, giving you dual-plane drivability with a single-plane style top-end horsepower. New power valve circuits improve fuel conditioning: feeds top-end enrichment directly into the emulsion tubes. To use the ported distributor vacuum, switch in the brass plug (included) and connect your distributor to improve combustion efficiency in cruising mode. And the big S-jet twin-ball inlet valve accepts 5/16” hard line and standard Stromberg fuel fittings. Four finishes available: original equipment style, chrome, chrome/black, or barn find (patina)!

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