Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Mercury blues are no longer for Joshua Cook, the 1949 Mercury custom on the cover of this edition founded and fostered by his dad Terry more than 25 years ago, and finally completed under Josh’s guidance. It’s a visual feast from chrome bumper to chrome bumper and has been declared a family heirloom!

Also not going anywhere in a hurry is Mick Conceicao’s 1946 Ford pickup, unless it’s blasting along Tasmania’s back roads! The silver streak is a beautiful build with an equally inspiring story.

That’s just two of many stunning features in this issue, with Steve Durrington’s 1937 Chevy and Ian Onions’ 1934 Ford battling for most desirable coupe honours in print and in life. And Rob Wilson’s 1955 Chevy is a truly home built shoebox classic with a difference.

We also get down and dirty at the annual Mud Run, then slip into the tidy whities for Harrigan Rod and Custom Show on the Gold Coast.

We also take. Peek at the works of American artist, Kate Cook, and music man PB examines a classic vintage flick with a soundtrack to match, Date Bait (1960)!

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