Saturday, June 22, 2024


Shannons are pleased to announce the release of a Seven Episode Documentary Series appearing on the Shannons Club website that celebrates the men and women who have designed our local cars for nearly a century. It is the one piece of our motoring history, that has largely remained untold.

Each episode is hosted by motoring journalist and artist Warren Brown who retraces the careers of each designer, whilst motor historian David Burrell from Shannons own RetroAutos, provides viewers with context during each episode.

The new series includes episodes featuring Australians leading car designers with the first two episodes LIVE on the Shannons Club.

Episode 1: Leo Pruneau – Holden Chief Designer LIVE

Episode 2: David Ford – Ford Australia Product Planner LIVE

Further episodes are scheduled for release as detailed below:

Episode 3: Dennis Nicolle – Chrysler Australia/Mitsubishi Australia Designer Premieres 30th October

Episode 4: Phil Zmood – Holden Chief Designer Premieres 6th November

Episode 5: David Hardy – Leyland Australia Designer Premieres 13th November

Episode 6: Graham Wadsworth – Ford Australia Designer Premieres 20th November

Episode 7: Richard Ferlazzo – Holden Chief Designer Premieres 27th November

“Shannons are proud to commission this landmark series to celebrate the rich design heritage of the cars we all know and love. While Shannons plays a key role as Australia’s leading insurer for motoring enthusiasts, we also believe it is very important to preserve our automotive history for future generations” said Mark Behr, Executive Manager, Marketing for Shannons.

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