Wednesday, June 19, 2024


There are many champions in drag racing, but few that rank higher than Don Garlits, a man that was at the forefront in drag racing’s most formative years. Hailing from south east state of Florida, Garlits was the sworn enemy of every West Coast drag racer, and the east vs west quarter mile battles were legendary.

Greenlight continues to pay homage to the humble haulers of the period; their impact immeasurable as they transported teams and equipment from track to track, but rarely sharing in the limelight. This 1966 Chevy Suburban in 1/43 scale is a contemporary tribute to one of the most legendary drag racers of all time and some of the power houses that supported his efforts.

Presented mounted on a baseplate in a hard clear display case, this unique model is approximately 120mm long and just $45 plus p&h.

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