Wednesday, June 19, 2024


If you’re a flathead fan, you’ll be saddened but perhaps inspired by news about Mike Davidson and his twin-engine streamliner. Norm informs us that Mike is unable to continue racing on the salt as he has a progressive neurological condition that has forced him into retirement, and therefore his prized land speed racer is up for sale.

Mike’s dream to capture the world record for the fastest twin-engined, Flathead-powered streamliner began over 25 years ago when he and others put their heads together and the DLRA was born. The journey of building his own car began by hiring molds for the body from Arivetts in the USA and when his body was ready, it had extensive wind tunnel testing performed at the RAAF Edinburgh base.

The car can be entered into four different classes depending on how it is configured. In March 2017, driven by Kurt Dunn, the car achieved an official record of 230mph on Lake Gairdner. It does require further work to make it race ready again, and included in the sale is its own purpose-built trailer. The sale is by expressions of interest and interest/offers should be emailed to Anne Davidson at by April 31, 2022.

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