Whether you’re building a mild small block for a street rod or a turbocharged LS engine, an ATK Performance short block makes a great foundation. ATK technicians hand assemble the engines in climate controlled clean rooms using top quality remanufactured and/or brand new parts. Mains are bored and align honed. Rotating assemblies are balanced. Camshaft bearings are installed and clocked to OEM positions, and brass freeze plugs and oil galley plugs are installed and sealed. When your ATK short block arrives it’s ready for your build. Three great options to consider are:

Small Block Chevy, 355 C.I.D

1. Small Block Chevy, 355 C.I.D, ideal for a mild street build or a replacement truck engine. Featuring seasoned OEM four-bolt roller cam block, one-piece rear main seal, 040” overbore, cast crankshaft and powdered metal connecting rods, and Hypereutectic pistons with 12.3cc dish and moly rings

GM LS, 408 C.I.D

2. GM LS, 408 C.I.D, a great engine combo for mild turbo or nitrous builds. Featuring OEM LQ4 iron block with ARP main studs, 030” overbore, Manley 4340 forged crankshaft, 4.000” stroke, 58-tooth reluctor wheel, Manley 4340 forged H-beam connecting rods with ARP 2000 bolts, Forged pistons with 10cc dish, and Total Seal piston ring package with top rings gapped for engines pushing 10+ PSI of boost.

Small Block Chrysler Magnum, 408 C.I.D

3. Small Block Chrysler Magnum, 408 C.I.D, a really nice street performance and bracket race engine. Featuring seasoned OEM 5.9L Magnum block, 040” overbore, Scat nodular iron crankshaft 4.000” stroke, Scat 4340 forged I-beam connecting rods with ARP 8740 bolts and Hypereutectic pistons with moly rings.

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