Thursday, May 30, 2024


Those crazy cool cars just keep coming out of the woodwork! It’s hard to miss our cover this month with Steve Gruber’s bright red 1953 Ford F100 standing proud, and it drives as good as it looks too. Sharing the space is Mark Holyoak’s 1936 Ford 3W coupe, a cool old hot rod which has been revived with a serious spit and polish, and will never go out of style.

We also check out and old timey Model A that’s designed to be driven, a home built Bedford pickup that packs a punch, and a 1971 Dodge van that’s been built to relive the van craze.

If that’s too clean cut for you, then we go sliding in the dirt at the annual Mud Run, and get some greaze under our fingernails at Greazefest, or at least the part before the COVID clamp went on! We also take a peek at an American car get-together in Italy, and check out the range of new old car audio at SoundLabs Group.

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