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The original car wax that put Turtle Wax® on the map was developed in founder Ben Hirsch’s bathtub. The company at that time was called Plastone, which later evolved into the celebrated Turtle Wax brand it is today. From its humble Chicago roots to distribution in more than 120 countries, Turtle Wax products continue to outshine the competition, providing car enthusiasts with formulas to meet their ever-changing needs.

From city streets to country roads, Turtle Wax has been an integral part of car culture for the last 75 years.

“It’s been an incredible journey over the last 75 years, and I’m so lucky to have had a front-row seat to it all,” said Denis John Healy, executive chairman, Turtle Wax. “The fact that we continue to expand to new channels and territories – yet stay true to our values – and make sure our products continue to be easy to use, are grounded in technology, and always come at a great price, is a testament to the foundation built by my grandparents and parents. I’m honored to continue their legacy and excited for what we have in store for 2021 and beyond.”

Hybrid Solutions Pro Range 

In 2021 Turtle Wax is celebrating its past while laying the groundwork for the next 75 years with the launch of the Hybrid Solutions Pro Range, which includes two Graphene infused waxes featuring the brand’s patent pending graphene technology, one of the top, new ingredient trends in car care, and an unstoppable compound.

Graphene is the lightest, thinnest and strongest substance known to man. Using graphene brings pro-level paint correction, shine and protection to any vehicle by being 200 times stronger than steel and forming a tighter web of relentless protection when applied. By dispersing heat and protecting your paintwork against harmful UV rays. By creating slickness levels that reach unprecedented levels. With water droplets that bead, dare we say roll, off the car. And by keeping the surface cleaner for longer, and easier to maintain. That’s what makes graphene amazing. 

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