Metal Man Tools have available two Australian made lead wiping kits, for those that want to do it the way it was done in “the good old days”.

Lead filling is not only a traditional way to finish a panel, but the whole process is very rewarding as you develop new skills, and is not as hard to do as you may think.

The Basic Kit consists of four traditional 30/70 body solder lead sticks, these are the same as are used by the best metal craftsmen throughout Australia. Also included is the finest quality tinning paste to ‘tin’ the area to be lead filled, two Australian hardwood lead smoothing paddles (one flat and one rounded) for smoothing the lead and one tub of specially formulated paddle wax to stop the lead sticking to the smoothing paddles. The Starters Kit also includes a double quantity of body solder lead, an adjustable file holder and a quality double sided file blade suitable for lead filing. The kits also include instructions on how to go about lead filling a panel.

All kit components are also available separately.

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