While it’s anticipated that social distancing rules will remain in place into the new year, the DLRA has set aside the week of March 8-12, 2021 for their annual Speed Week at Lake Gairdner.

“This year has thrown us all many challenges that we never expected in our lifetime and yet amazingly, we continue to focus on that one week in March,” conveyed DLRA President, Greg Wapling. “With the lock down and social distancing, it is amazing to see so many people out in their garages, working on their cars and bikes. Some are completing projects that never got finished for this year, whilst other continue to modify what they were going to race.”

While most racers have rolled their entries over into 2021, the DLRA does have 2020 merchandise which it needs to sell along with a selection of race lubricants at discounted prices, which were kindly donated by Jim Knapp after he shipped his streamliner back to the USA. Any and all purchases are appreciated and needed to help fund this dedicated group of Aussie hot rodders and racers.

Download the latest newsletter, Speed Times #69, at www.dlra.org.au/newsletter for more news and info, or contact Carol Hadfield on 03 5472 4629.

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