Australian Hot Rodder #9 is available now! Packed with great features and stunning photography on new and nostalgic rods and customs, each issue of Australian Hot Rodder is truly a collectible for the rod and custom connoisseur.

On the cover of this edition is Michael Morris’ beautiful recreation of Gary Wright’s ’60s era channelled Deuce roadster. They also track down one of the show sensations of the ’60s, the Sedoupe, plus look at Rob Carroll’s ’32 highboy roadster and its many configurations.

Other identities includ Keith Stamp, who has fought back from a stroke and continues to be active in hot rodding and historic racing, Frankie ‘Flatout’ Robinson who has lived and loved life in the fast lane, Rob Hoskins now turned restorer to preserve the early Fords he loved so much, Glen Rewell turns trash into hot rodding treasure, and the wild tyre smoking antics of Jim Walton and the Fuel Altereds of the 1970s.

Order your copy now, and check the website for killer deals on back issues.

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