Need a quick pick-me-up? Then Cruzin #236 is tailor-made for you! For this month we’ve put the spotlight on our working class heroes – pickup trucks! From Model A Fords to F100s, we’ve packed a massive eight pickup features into this issue dedicated to hot rod haulers!

It’s Chevy Vs Ford on the cover – Dave Buschkuehl’s breathtaking 1950 Chevy paired with Matt Xavier’s 1971 F100 which is more than meets the eye. Matt’s isn’t the only F100 – You’ll dig Graham and Rosemary Hein’s classy ’56 as well. Early Ford lovers will like Ken Hickey’s 1934 closed cab pickup, plus we have an old school ’31 Model all the way from Canada. If you like a little custom in your hot rod pickup, then Gary McCormack’s sliced and diced ’38 is packed with cool ideas for you.

Balancing out the Fords is a ferocious, supercharged 1942 Dodge Fargo, along with an eye-searing yellow ’56 Inter from South Australia. We also take a look at some cool trucks and vans at this year’s Grand National Roadster Show in Los Angeles, before heading back to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast for a tour of Classic Pickup Supplies.

Even Norm from Aussie Desert Cooler got into the groove with a flashback piece in Cruzin the Salt, looking back at his first trip to the salt in their FJ ute.

That’s a whole lot of truck for your buck!

Grab it at your local, or buy online at and pay no postage in Australia.

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