The Coronavirus is affecting almost every Australian in some way, shape or form at present, but the magazine industry in New Zealand has been particularly hard hit with the closure of almost every book store and dedicated outlet, except supermarkets and gas stations. It’s resulted in the publishers of New Zealand Hot Rod Magazine announcing they’ll skip their May edition of the long running title. On a larger scale, the temporary shutdown has moved the NZ division of Bauer Media to completely shut up shop, affecting a bunch of mainstream titles.

Fortunately the Aussie distribution system is business as usual, with the current issue (Cruzin #234) hitting the shelves on Thursday, April 2 as scheduled.

Because this edition won’t be finding its way to New Zealand outlets any time soon, then we’re doing a deal to keep our most loyal Kiwi readers in the loop, offering this issue only A$11.95 INCLUDING postage to New Zealand. With the current dollar conversion, that’s only about 40 cents over and above the New Zealand shelf price.

Simply visit the DriveBuy store to order your copy (use the New Zealand option), or call 61 7 3287 7686.

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