The DLRA 30th Anniversary Speed Week and World Speed Trials Australia #2 has been postponed to a date yet to be confirmed.

After exhausting all avenues it is with great sadness that the DLRA has come to the realisation that to conduct Speed Week and WSTA for 2020 has the potential to put people at risk.
Something that it strives to limit and remove from all of it’s activities. 
There are several key reasons as to why this decision has been made, and we can assure everyone it has not been made lightly.
The strategies that are being deployed to combat this virus by Government and other organisations is placing enormous demands on a finite group of specialists.
Originally we had planned for 3 doctors to be in place for the 2 events, but as of today we only have 1 and there is no guarantee that even he will be available by the end of the week.
Similarly the South Australian Country Fire Service is calling on its members to reduce their extra curricular volunteer activities as they are forced to replace members who have been inflicted with the virus.
We could no longer guarantee the appropriate medical and fire services that are required for such and event.
Now that the Corona Virus has been officially identified as a pandemic, most public liability insurance policies consider any episodes to be exempt which would leave the DLRA open to financial ruin.
Even with the concerted efforts that the DLRA were prepared to put into place through it’s mitigation plan would not be enough to ensure a safe risk free environment.

To our international entrants, we are truly sorry, but with the recent introduction of the 14 day self isolation for anyone entering Australia, it has made competing impossible for many of you.

There will be more information made available in the days to come.

Please bear with us while we regroup and plan for the future.
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