They never really wrote songs about 426 Hemi’s and four speeds. It didn’t matter – you couldn’t hear the radio over the engine revs and screaming tyres anyway!

“The 426 Hemi is unquestionably the king of the muscle cars, both for its speed and for its defiance,” wrote Patrick Bedard for Car and Driver magazine in 1990, putting this edition of Mopar’s intermediates among his Ten Best all-time muscle cars. “The ‘Street Hemi’ was a class act, very smooth, quiet at idle, tractable in traffic.” Open it up, however, and it revved like a Ferrari and ruled like, well, King Kong.

 ACME release of the Dodge’s 5th generation Coronet represents one of Chrysler’s finest offerings in 1967, and rarest with just 121 four-speed 426 examples produced that year. Deliciously deep Bright Blue coats the hardtop’s sharp body lines, with finely detailed emblems from the Dodge lettering on the hood to the R/T badges on the fenders, quarter panels, grille, trunk and even the floor mats. In fact inside is where this model really excels, with intricately detailed door cards, dash and console, as well as tilting seats and R/T floor mats. Lift the hood with real spring hinges and there’s that legendary 2 x 4bbl 426, dressed just as it would be back in the day. If you simply must play with it, the functional steering, suspension and even an opening fuel door is sure to impress your friends. 

Limited to 552 pieces worldwide, this muscular model is priced at $245 plus p&h. Order yours by calling 07 3287 7686 or visit

Product Features

  • Diecast metal body
  • Opening doors, hood and trunk
  • Opening fuel filler door
  • Functional suspension
  • Poseable steering
  • Plumbed and wired 426 Hemi V8
  • Detailed undercarraige
  • Detailed interior with tilting seats
  • Rubber tyres

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