The Schumacher range of battery chargers includes the easy to use SPI3 and SPI10. They are fully automatic and microprocessor-controlled with patented Speed Charge Technology which ensures that the battery is charged as fast and safely as possible – up to 3 times faster than traditional chargers. 

Need a jump start? The SL1317 jump starter and portable power source are portable and compact to fit in your pocket, bag or glove box, With 15,000 mAh capacity, its great for jump staring 4, 6 and 8 cylinder cars, features an LCD Display with On/Off button and a built-in LED light. It also has USB 5V, 1A, 2.1A, 2.4A ports and 12V cigarette port (60W) and is equipped with ultra safe smart cables providing protection against reverse polarity, short circuit, low voltage, high temperature and reverse charging. It’s great safety device to help you and your car get home safely every trip, or to use as a power source in case you’re stranded and need to charge your phone.

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