If there are two things that immediately come to mind when you think of hot rods and street machines, it’s power and passion. Sometimes the power is obvious as a mountain of metal rises from the bonnet of the car and carburettors and superchargers force air and fuel into huge V8 engines. Other times it can be subtler, with turbochargers neatly tucked away out of sight but adding just as much power to engines of all shapes and sizes. A much less obvious interpretation of the power of modified cars is how it can bring people together, forging bonds and friendships that can last a lifetime – thanks to a common love for all things automotive.

How about the passion? How would` quantify that? Pretty easily, really. Why else would someone spend years, sometimes decades rebuilding a vehicle, investing tens of thousands of dollars – and sometimes more – bringing a rusted hulk back to life? They’ve made it better than it ever was, both in appearance and performance, more often than not doing most of the work in the backyard shed, scraping their knuckles and turning spanners into the early hours of the morning bringing their pride and joy back to life. Some call it a sport, others a hobby, but for those involved – it’s a passion that burns deep.

So, for this year’s WA Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular they’ll be celebrating the POWER AND THE PASSION from every aspect of the modified car scene. To those that burn the midnight oil in the quest to build the best hot rod, street machine, race car or motorbike they can. They’re hoping to get as many as they can to this year’s Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular.

Already confirmed is Kengo Kimura of Heiwa Motorcycle, who will be returning this year and bringing three of his motorcycles;

  • Dirty Pigeon – direct from the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA. A stunning Triumph TR6 custom
  • Bull Pigeon – an aggressive custom Harley Davidson shovelhead unlike anything you’ve ever seen before
  • A brand-new custom bike that will be staying in Perth once the show finishes

The WA Hot Rod and Street Machine Spectacular gets underway at the Claremont Showground on the weekend of June 15-16. The show is open from 9am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday and kids under 12 (provided they’re accompanied by an adult) get in for free!

Go to www.wahotrodshow.com.au or find them on Facebook for more details.

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