Summit Racing now carries EPAS Performance electric power steering kits that make the swap to electric power steering a cinch. The kits use an electric motor and a control module to provide power assist. The control module measures the amount of effort applied to the steering wheel and tells the electric motor to apply the needed power assist. You can dial in the amount of assist you want with the potentiometer—for example, set the system at maximum for parking and less when driving on the highway.  And in the unlikely event you lose electrical power, you still retain full manual steering control. 

The EPAS systems do require the use of a manual steering box, EPAS says a power steering box’s internals have a lot of drag and will put too much of a load on the electric motor. The EPAS systems retain the factory steering linkage, so there are no major or irreversible modifications made to your vehicle. Everything tucks up under your dash and out of sight. 

EPAS Performance electric power steering kits come with the electric motor, prewired control module, and all necessary shafts, U-joints, wiring, and mounting hardware. Most installations will require steering column modification. If you don’t want to modify your factory column, some EPAS kits do include an aftermarket steering column that’s ready to install. EPAS Performance electric power steering is available for specific vehicles – even stuff like Studebaker, Packard, and early BMWs and in universal kits that are ideal for street rods and older classic vehicles.

Summit Racing Equipment – 00111 330 630 0230 (USA) – www.summitracing.com

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