Fat fender fans can rejoice with John and Sherry Carstein’s breathtaking 1940 Ford coupe gracing the cover of this edition. As desirable as it is beautiful, we had a great interview with John during which he took us through the ins and otus of the long term build. It’s muscular too with a strong 460 big block under the hood, but maybe not enough for the blown 348-come-434 W-motor in Andy Colalillo’s ‘Pure Massacre’ 1955 Chevy gasser. We’d buy a ticket to that drag race.

Inside we check out a flip top T from Queensland, a hot rod Dodge pickup from South Australia, and a channelled Model A from Japan that’s a fabricator’s delight. We visit Downunder Beachfest, the 10th anniversary of the Back to Brunswick run, and Aussie Norm takes us for a walk around Bonneville where five streamliners battled it out for 500mph honours at this year’s Bonneville Speedweek. We also take a look inside the garage of Californian hot rodder and drag racer, Paul Gommi.

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