Edelbrock has seriously upped the EFI ante with its two awesome Pro-Flo 4 systems.

Multiport Fuel Injection

The Pro-Flo 4 uses a carbureted style intake manifold and throttle body like most aftermarket EFI systems do, but that’s where the resemblance ends. The Pro-Flo 4 is a multiport injection system with fuel rails and eight injectors mounted on the manifold. Fuel delivery is timed with the intake valve opening and delivered into the airflow stream right before it enters the combustion chamber, the throttle body is for air delivery only. This produces the best fuel atomization and distribution for the ultimate performance.

All-New ECU

The Pro-Flo 4’s self-learning ECU features a faster processor and an upgraded Bluetooth chip that is faster, more reliable and will not drop connection. It’s easy to use thanks to Edelbrock’s free E-Tuner app that connects to the ECU via Bluetooth. That allows you to adjust air-fuel ratios, ignition curve, idle speed, acceleration fuel, coolant fans, rev limiter, and other parameters using an Android-based smartphone or tablet. The E-Tuner comes with dyno-tested baseline calibrations and an easy to use setup wizard to get you started. You can get your Pro-Flo 4 system with or without a tablet with the E-Tuner app already installed.

Summit Racing have Pro-Flo 4 sytsems to suit SBC, BBC, GM LS, Ford 289-351 Windsor and 390-428 FE, small and RB big block Chrysler and Pontiac 326-455.

Summit Racing Equipment – 00 111 330 630 0230 (USA) – www.summitracing.com

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