Here’s our best suggestions for the bloke that has everything!

1. Cruzin Magazine Subscription – from $95.00

By far our most popular item this time of year, as sons, daughters, wives and best friends splash out a one year Cruzin subscription so that the master need not leave the throne. 12 issue subscriptions are just $95 (or $189 for two years) and you can arrange the whole deal online, day or night. We’ve even got a gift slip you can print and add to a card if desired. Simply visit our SUBSCRIPTIONS page, order and pay for your subscriptions, then head to www.cruzin.com.au to download and print your slip.

2. Rod Hadfield Autobiography – $39.50

This long awaited biography has finally been released! Titled “The Mad Scientists of Australian Hot Rodding; Rod Hadfield”, daughter Allison chronicles Rod’s amazing life and the iconic vehicles that have made the Hadfield name one of the most recognised in Australia. Priced at $39.50 plus $11.50 p&h (or $15.50 express) within Australia, there’s plenty of surprises in the home grown title. Buy it here…

3. Deuce of Spades – $29.50

When a hot rod girl finds a mysterious letter dating back to the fifties hidden in her roadster, she is left with nothing but questions… That’s a brief synopsis of Deuce of Spades, a movie that Hot Rod Magazine claimed was the best hot rod film since American Graffiti. This two hour movie epic by independent filmmaker Faith Grainger has been our top selling DVD of all time. It’s an all region DVD too, so there’s no issues with region codes or poor quality. Allow $8.50 p&h for standard post (up to three dvds, so order up!) or $15.50 for express. Read more here…

4. Cruzin Gear – from $5.00

Decals, T shirts, stubbie coolers – custom build your own Cruzin gift pack, a great addition to a subscription or simply as stocking stuffers. The new Cruzin T ‘Hot Rod Your Life’ tees ($30) are printed on quality black Gildan ultra cotton shirts, an awesome three colour design front and back. best yet, they come in black, blue or white. Decals can be bought as singles for $3, or just get a six pack for $10. Quality stubbie coolers with stitched bases and seams just $10. Allow $11.50 for a 1kg satchel (or $15.50 for express), postage on decals is free. View the range here…

5. Ed Iskendarian Autobiography – $49.50

A beautiful hard cover book and a worthy collection to any rodder’s bookshelf. As the author states, the story of hot rodding in America would’t be complete without telling the story of Ed Iskendarian, America’s camfather and a pioneer in early performance. Best of all the brand is alive and well as is Ed himself, a true character and gentleman within the scene.¬†Priced at $49.50 plus $11.50 p&h (or $15.50 express) within Australia. Read more here…

6. Rockabilly Twin CD Sets – $20.00

Need some extra beat in your beater? These twin CD sets are excellent value, all original artists, authentic 50s and 60 rockabilly and rock and roll. With 50 tracks in each set that’s plenty to get you to the store and back and then some. Like DVDs, allow $8.50 p&h for standard post (up to three dvds, so order up!) or $15.50 for express. Check out the range here…

7. Amazing Diecast Models – from $75.00

We’ve been trading in selected diecast for just a short while but within that time we’ve enjoyed making these premium models available for hot rodders and muscle car enthusiasts alike. The ACME 1:18 range is superb and a bunch of brand new cars have just hit the deck, including bare metal ’32 and ’34 Fords. Prices start at $225, plus $20 p&h (express $30). Looking for something a little smaller? Then the Maisto 1:64 six car ‘Outlaw’ set featuring unique art by Max Grundy is a true collectors item. Sold as a set of six for $75 plus p&h, we’re down to our last few sets and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Visit our diecast page here…

Still stuck?

Well a gift card can always be the right answer. Order your gift card in $25, $50, $75 or $100 amounts here…



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