After literally years of lobbying by the Street Machine Association of South Australia (SMASA), those who own non-authentic left hand drive classics can now enjoy the privileges that owners of fully restored vehicles have been benefitting from for decades.

Until now, almost any form of modification, including changes like disc brakes, mag wheels and even paint colour, eliminated a left hand drive vehicle from being eligible for historic registration.

Minister for Transport, Stephen Mullighan MP announced the overhaul late last year with the changes to be implemented from July 1, 2017. They include access to the 90 day log book scheme for all classics and street machines with a rolling 30 year cut off.

Current SMASA President Glenn Stankevicius put out the call to members and supporters to converge en-mass on July 2 at Footy Park in West Lakes for the first SA Club Registration Information Day. With the media and the Minister in attendance, Adelaide supporters responded with Glenn estimating more 1,000 cars, a great result.

“The SMASA committee, members and affiliated clubs are very excited to see the changes to conditional registration,” Glenn said in an interview with Street Machine magazine. “We expect to see some cars back out on the road more regularly, as most owners currently either elect to not register and just store their cars, or only register for three months at a time. SMASA would like to thank everyone involved and look forward to growing our ‘all makes, all eras, all welcome’ policy.”

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