The Cruzin Sampler is a pocket size magazine which is a snapshot of the full size Cruzin magazine. It measures 105mm wide by 148mm high, or A6 size for the metric minded.

The Sampler is a promotional tool designed to generate interest in Cruzin magazine from potential new readers. They are given away for FREE at hot rod events and car shows around the country.

Sampler mags are printed in full colour on quality stock. The small book format ensures that it is kept as a souvenir or collectible rather than simply disposed of with other pamphlets and brochures.

Our next print run of 12,000 magazines will take place in September 2017. These samplers have been in high demand by car clubs and promoters and the last run of books were distributed within nine months.

Advertising rates are a bargain if you consider what it would cost to design, print and distribute colour leaflets of the same size. Ads are closing soon though, so if you’re keen to be a part of it, call Paul on 0437 271 227 or email for rates and bookings.

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