Having a tough time buying for dear old dad? Or are you that car guy whose kids just don’t speak your language? A gift voucher can be the best way to make sure everyone’s a winner come Fathers Day, and if you grab the new edition of Cruzin then there’s one inside that you can tear out and slip into that card.

Simply tear out the gift card from magazine, visit www.drivebuy.net.au and purchase a gift voucher of $25, $50, $75 or $100 value. A confirmation and redemption code will be emailed to you, so just write the value of the voucher and the code from the confirmation onto the card and gift away!

Redeeming the card is easy, simply shop online and enter the code at checkout, and pay any extra with credit card or paypal.

Of course you can jump online and order a gift card at any time for any occasion. Visit www.drivebuy.net.au to order.

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