The players may have changed but the game is still the same when it comes to Cooly Rocks On, and planning for a massive 2017 event has been well under way for months. The new CRO management team has made some necessary changes, including shortening the official length of the event from 10 days to 5 days, now June 7-11. It’s fair to say that in the past, most of the action and atmosphere of the festival is generated at this time, so for the average visitor or entrant, the experience won’t be any different.

Among other improvements, the large marquee is gone, with major acts moved into surrounding venues, and the retro market stalls will now stretch along the length of the pathway that snakes its way the full length of Marine Parade.

All of your favourite elements remain, like the massive car show, street parade, Miss Cooly Rocks On, the Dance Championships, outdoor stages and more. The Poodle Oodle Parade has become a much loved attraction and will return, along with vintage caravans and the pedal car show which debuted last year. For this year the focus will be on Aussie bands (and some Kiwis for good measure!), so look out for rockabilly stars like Pat Capocci, The ERT Trio, Itchy Fingers and Little Billie, along with a good dose of rock and roll acts, plus a little swing. We’ll be there too and celebrating the release of our 200th issue! Look for the Cruzin stand in Queen Elizabeth Park.

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